So, I finally started knitting that scarf I've been going on about for ages. My aunt is visiting from Liverpool for a week and got me knitting straight away. She has only taught me how to do a simple knit stitch, but I am FINALLY getting it. My arms are aching as the needles are huge, and my hands still feel slightly awkward but I am so proud of myself for doing something that seemed impossible. I need to buy a some more balls of wool for this scarf, and I will hopefully finish it this week(!) I'm also going to go into a few charity shops on Wednesday to buy smaller needles and cheaper wool to have a go with knitting a purl scarf. Who knows eh, maybe in a few months I'll have that cardigan?


I needed to scan these drawings in because the ink pen I used is making the ink blur, and turn a blue colour, they were originally black! Sorry for the bad cropping on the last picture, I believe the term is called 'laziness'.


Just thought I would show you the last few bits and bobs, I have bought in the last week. I went into a small charity shop near my house, and was so close to buying a small brown suitcase that looked amazing, my mum asked where I would put it and the idea went down like a lead balloon. So I carried on looking and came away with the bargain of the century, a BHS flower patterned silk blouse. It is a size 12 so I can wear it as a dress with a belt, the best bit? It was £1.50!

I also went to a craft fair with my cousin at Southampton uni on a Sunday. It was a pleasant find for the both us, and I found a small vintage stall that was selling cutlery and plate sets and other bits, but the owner was also selling some shoes, jewellery and some scarf's, so my next buy was this:

 It was £5, it is quite small in length so not too sure what to do with it but I sure do love it.

The next stall I came across (a lot of the stalls were similar) was owned by Valerie, the items she had for sale were a different selection of notebooks and badges. Everything was handmade and amazing. I stood there for a while chatting (and boring my cousin with 'art talk') and she was lovely and incredibly friendly. I bought a small notebook and badge, which I have to mention she put into a small polythene bag.. I am a sucker for polythene bags.

If you want to check out Valerie's website (You really should) here is the link


That scan doesn't do her work justice, especially as I managed to scan a cat hair onto the image as well?

The last thing I bought was a small 3ft Christmas tree, it is black much to Nate's dismay. I haven't fully decorated it yet but I love it, I need to buy some lights and more decorations as it looks empty but I'm getting into the Christmas spirit! I put this down to not working in retail this year.

I'll put a picture up when the tree is finished! Until then enjoy your weekend :)