Frivolous -Not having any serious purpose or value

Hello! I am back! The pictures above are from a recent trip to Manchester with my boyfriend, it was lovely being in a city full of culture. My Aunt lives in Liverpool and warned us it would probably rain (heavily) whilst we were visiting, it is almost as if she jinxed herself because it was sunny every day we were there! Apart from the second to last day - we were stood in the queue for a McDonalds (cheeky) and it started to rain.. then snow? It was strange, the local people looked unsurprised at the barmy Mancunian weather though!

I would just quickly like to say thank you to everyone who has commented recently on my blog - I've read every comment, they really do make my day, and just to say sorry for not getting back to you, I have a lot of catching up to do!! The last few weeks have flown by, I can't believe it is October already!

Christmas soon :)