Trip down memory lane

This is an inspired blog post from Ellie of Elsie-Bells, she wrote of how she wanted to do a personal post and invited her readers in to view her family album. I really enjoyed seeing images of her growing up and decided to have a go myself so thanks for that Ellie! Without further ado, here is a selection of family photos, as you can see from the first picture I had quite a few to choose from..

My cousin Grace and I (I'm wearing the white floral dress) I think this is my 6th birthday

I think I'm about 3 here - I look like my dad frowning in concentration!

Mum and I. Love this photo. 
Family portrait, NO idea what I'm wearing, thats the 90's for you. 
As a baby clearly excited about being laid on a table..?

Aged 3

Every time I see this I crack up, I'm in the middle by the way. Our gaps in our teeth closed up and rest assured that we threw away the hair clips.

On the back of this photo my Nan has written 'Holly and Howard the cat', so yes I am sitting on that cat.

So many things could be said about this photo, Grace's gremlin expression, the fact that Harry has his hands in his mouth, Brooke's mushroom hair, Jade's outfit and Sam's amazing expression. I, however only see myself clinging onto my Nan, I miss her more than I thought I ever could.


Finished product - one Kate Bush book

1. Chipped nail varnish *pet hate
2. I don't have facial hair its the bottom of the book!

Getting ready

1. Victorian hand - sewn by yours truly.
2. Developmental Kate Bush hair drawings
3. Getting ready to screen print
4. Screen print acetates
5. Screen prints (sorry for the phone Hipstamatic images)