You used to do things like this

At the start of the year I was obsessed with buying a yearly diary to write in. The idea was to document daily happenings, even really mundane stuff like going to university and having a moan about how expensive parking is. I have tried my hardest to do this, but some days I forget about it completely, so to make up for it I write down future plans like, Nate going to Sheffield, should be back Friday. Recently however, I have just been drawing over daily entries, like today where I am obviously thinking about the second part of the Deathly Hallows coming out, and the Charlotte Bronte screen saver on my Amazon Kindle.


Oh, April

Another sunny weekend of sitting in the garden, eating too much and with my skin type, getting slightly burnt. I haven't been drawing much recently, apart from the slightly scruffy, and rushed drawing of a rabbit that is in my 2011 daily planner. I am hoping to buy a new camera with birthday money soon, really quite excited about it as my poor old camera is looking a bit rubbish now. I also have a few craft projects up my sleeve, watch this space.


Approaching fast

The weather in the UK has been glorious, this weekend was relaxed, we had homemade pizza and wine, went to the carboot sale early Sunday morning and lazed about in the sun in the afternoon. I bought a Charles and Diana cup for 50p and a lampshade that I'm going to make into a candle holder. I have film I need to develop and I want to buy some flip flops for pottering around in the garden, ah summer sun I have missed you.