It has been a strange 'In between' feeling week, I have had an essay to write at uni so I haven't been in the studio. Normally I tend to avoid the studio when I have a project! All I want to do is illustrate. 
I found a new setting on my camera this week too, basically it involves blinding the person or object (my camera makes a strange popping sound too) I really like the effect and I am shamed that I have been lazy and just used the automatic settings, I wanted to buy a more expensive camera aswell! 
Today has been a planning day, hopefully we will be going to Liverpool in September. I have family from the Mersey and I am excited to scan in old photos from my 'aunty Reet'. We are booking to stay in the Albert Dock premier inn, which is beautiful and has the very small Liverpool Tate next door to it (practically anyway) and loads of 'nautical stuff' shops- Excited to say the least.





Pleasant suprise

Currently reading Cold is the Grave a novel by Peter Robinson. Out of habit I always flip to the back page to see the last sentence and I found this unusual printing error

Some people might be annoyed by this but I actually really like the oddness of the placement of the pages. Also, the book has been printed really cheaply so the pages feel and smell amazing.