Photos taken when I had to move my room around to accommodate the arrival of my iMac. I found out it's being delivered Thursday! So, I have had to hastily find a desk that will fit the corner of my room, as it is already overwhelmed with mismatched furniture (My own fault, I impulse buy).

In the process of swapping different objects around, I found loads of dusty bottles and vases I bought from car boot sales that I just couldn't leave behind. They stayed on my windowsill for the day, before returning to their home- under my bed.

I am actually really looking forward to having at least one part of my room being organised, I find that I always have art work to store and I am running out of space! Do any other artists have this problem, or am I completely hopeless at throwing things away?


June walk

Images are taken with a pinwide lens, and are from Nate's camera.



 After about a month of saying we would, we finally went for a walk in the fields next to Nate's house. The start of the journey was slightly dramatic, as we were walking along the path by the main road we found THE cutest Pomeranian, I had to pick it up to stop it from trotting off on its own again and needless to say his owner was shocked and happy when we returned her rebellious dog. The field was full of ladybirds which did not help me get over my fear- Ladelphobia


Thinking space