Trip down memory lane

This is an inspired blog post from Ellie of Elsie-Bells, she wrote of how she wanted to do a personal post and invited her readers in to view her family album. I really enjoyed seeing images of her growing up and decided to have a go myself so thanks for that Ellie! Without further ado, here is a selection of family photos, as you can see from the first picture I had quite a few to choose from..

My cousin Grace and I (I'm wearing the white floral dress) I think this is my 6th birthday

I think I'm about 3 here - I look like my dad frowning in concentration!

Mum and I. Love this photo. 
Family portrait, NO idea what I'm wearing, thats the 90's for you. 
As a baby clearly excited about being laid on a table..?

Aged 3

Every time I see this I crack up, I'm in the middle by the way. Our gaps in our teeth closed up and rest assured that we threw away the hair clips.

On the back of this photo my Nan has written 'Holly and Howard the cat', so yes I am sitting on that cat.

So many things could be said about this photo, Grace's gremlin expression, the fact that Harry has his hands in his mouth, Brooke's mushroom hair, Jade's outfit and Sam's amazing expression. I, however only see myself clinging onto my Nan, I miss her more than I thought I ever could.


Finished product - one Kate Bush book

1. Chipped nail varnish *pet hate
2. I don't have facial hair its the bottom of the book!

Getting ready

1. Victorian hand - sewn by yours truly.
2. Developmental Kate Bush hair drawings
3. Getting ready to screen print
4. Screen print acetates
5. Screen prints (sorry for the phone Hipstamatic images)



Blurry badge pictures from a one day project at uni - now that my dissertation hell is over I can resume regular blogging hallelujah!! The middle image is from a current project I am doing at uni - it's Kate Bush themed and I'm really excited about it!


Frivolous -Not having any serious purpose or value

Hello! I am back! The pictures above are from a recent trip to Manchester with my boyfriend, it was lovely being in a city full of culture. My Aunt lives in Liverpool and warned us it would probably rain (heavily) whilst we were visiting, it is almost as if she jinxed herself because it was sunny every day we were there! Apart from the second to last day - we were stood in the queue for a McDonalds (cheeky) and it started to rain.. then snow? It was strange, the local people looked unsurprised at the barmy Mancunian weather though!

I would just quickly like to say thank you to everyone who has commented recently on my blog - I've read every comment, they really do make my day, and just to say sorry for not getting back to you, I have a lot of catching up to do!! The last few weeks have flown by, I can't believe it is October already!

Christmas soon :)




My week. I haven't had the internet I'm afraid, Sky broadband are rubbish! I'm currently using Nate's laptop, so that is why this is extra picture heavy - sorry if you hate this type of post!

1. I have been taking my Kindle everywhere recently
2. The heavens opened
3. Lingering on the staircase
4. Sunflowers
5. Nate organising his work
6. I felt like drawing furniture
7. Bottles lined up on the windowsill in my cousins house
8. My cousin Jemma :)
9. Lavender in the window
10. Porsha - Jemma's dog
11. Jemma's necklace and enviably long hair!

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend!


Oh how you have lost your way

Today I sat around with my boyfriend drinking tea and listening to music, It has been a relaxing day! I normally work on sundays, so it was nice not having to drag myself out of bed to serve grumpy people in a really noisy supermarket! I love documenting things and taking photos, but it seems recently I have been really lazy and forgotten my camera, hence the lack of interesting pictures! 

1. Found this in our house, it is my mums from years ago
2. My actual Siamese Bella (I would like to note that I decided on the name Bella in 1997, it has no relation to glittery vampires!)
3. I get the most interesting patterns on my wall when the sun is setting, please excuse my incredibly messy room!
4. Nate
5. He hates me taking pictures of him!
6. Blurry


Products I'm using this week

VO5 Strong hold hairspray
I don't use hairspray often, but after purchasing this about a month ago, I have fallen in love with it! It sets my hair when I put it up, but doesn't leave it feeling like cardboard and my hair still has loads of movement. Also, it smells like a nice perfume, not toxic or over powering!

Bio oil
I am using this at the moment because I am trying to reduce the scar I have on my hand, (mole + mini operation = horrid scar on hand) forgot just how much of a wonder product this is! After two days use it has reduced redness around the scar, a winner in my books.

Batiste dry shampoo 400 ml
I bought this about a week ago, it's massive compared to the normal sized can, and is definitely not for travelling lightly but I'm so impressed! I get through so much dry shampoo its unbelievable, I use it daily to give my hair some much needed volume as it is incredibly fine, so I love this size. I bought it from my local Boots, and it was priced reasonably at £4.99.

The Righteous Butter
I have been using this on dry patches on my skin such as my elbows and knees, it is a very rich moisturiser so I haven't had to use a lot to get good use out of it. I personally think it smells divine, but I don't mind heavy scents in products! One downside is that it takes forever to sink in, which can be annoying if you are rushing to get somewhere.

St. Moritz spray tan
Now, I will happily admit I am a tanning-phobe. I have embraced ghostly pale skin every summer since I can remember, this all stems from a bad tanning experience. Imagine, bright orange with white patches ALL over, it was horrendous! However I am not going abroad this year so I have felt slightly pushed to fake tanning as a last resort.. Am I glad I took the plunge? Yes! Thank goodness for great self tanner and exfoliating products! St. Moritz made me go a lovely olive toned tan, which I love, not a patch in sight either. Because it is a spray I had to use a mitt and put a towel down, it did get slightly messy but I think it is safe to say I am completely converted, woo!

Vaseline sheer infusion body lotion
I used this when I fake tanned, and although I am not 100% bowled over by it, the product sunk in quickly and didn't smell overly offensive. One that I will use as a back up next time I think!

Revlon Cherries in the Snow
I have been feeling brave this week it seems! I never wear bright or dark colours, I am a nude girl through and through. Recently however, I have become a bit bored with colour that doesn't have a huge amount of pay off. This is a gorgeous, blue toned pinky red, I do need to buy a lip liner to go with it though to save myself smearing it all over my face.

Topshop cream blusher in Butterscotch
I haven't seen a lot about this colour, it was the one that stood out to me when I peered over the collection when it was released. Of course, like most things I loved it, then threw it to the back of my drawer never to be seen again, until now! Nothing better than learning to love a product all over again.

Mac Woodwinked
You have all seen this, but I've rediscovered it again. I have gotten into the habit of swiping Naked Lunch on my eyes, and leaving in a hurry. Miraculously I decided to switch it up a bit and use Woodwinked instead, for now I like this routine, I expect by next week I will be using something else, the joys in life.

You Rebel - Lite
I dug this baby out when I fake tanned, I'm unsure as to whether i like using it in the UK, I have only ever used it on holiday, hmm. Unsure. Give me another week and I'll let you know.

Tic Tac Cherry Passion
I am completely obsessed, they taste amazing! The cherry flavour reminds me of My Baby All Gone, did anyone have that as a kid in the 90's?? Well, if you did it tastes like the smell of the cherry jar..

Submarine DVD
If you haven't watched this, you should. Here is the trailer: Submarine (The book is amazing too)

Primark plaited bracelet
I love this, I thought the tassels would annoy me but they don't, the only downside is, I have to get someone to put it on for me or I struggle for ages.

Primark ring
I have worn this quite a few times now without getting a green finger, inevitably this means instant love :)

Phew. Hello to all new lovely followers too, Hope you are all well!