Oh how you have lost your way

Today I sat around with my boyfriend drinking tea and listening to music, It has been a relaxing day! I normally work on sundays, so it was nice not having to drag myself out of bed to serve grumpy people in a really noisy supermarket! I love documenting things and taking photos, but it seems recently I have been really lazy and forgotten my camera, hence the lack of interesting pictures! 

1. Found this in our house, it is my mums from years ago
2. My actual Siamese Bella (I would like to note that I decided on the name Bella in 1997, it has no relation to glittery vampires!)
3. I get the most interesting patterns on my wall when the sun is setting, please excuse my incredibly messy room!
4. Nate
5. He hates me taking pictures of him!
6. Blurry


  1. awwww cute siamese, my dad has one called angel! Silly name for a cat considering it acts all crazy and very non angel like all the time!

    Rianna xxxx

  2. beautiful room!
    love http://wonderingwolves.blogspot.com x

  3. Great photos, you are so beautiful :) x

  4. Beautiful and amazing blog :) xx

  5. you have a wonderful blog (:
    you look lovely

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  7. Such lovely photos, your cat looks gorgeous (from what we can see of her :p). The shadows on your wall look magical. I'll be following :) x

  8. your blog is so cute, as is your cat. Me wanty. Ha boys and pictures, theyre so shy eh :') thank you for your lovely comment :) xxx

  9. I love your pictures and you're so so pretty :')

  10. gorgeous photos, love that guy's tattoo and the photos of the cat.


    katie x

  11. you take some really lovely photos on your blog. i used to work in sainsburys and i LOVE not having to trudge back there anymore on sundays at 6.30am! x