Crouched in the corner

Taking pictures for a necklace I am going to sell on eBay. I have to do it at Nate's as I haven't got access to the internet at home, it's due the 8th of April and it cannot come any quicker! Currently eating jelly beans whilst savouring the internet, and watching Wonders of the Universe. I am tired because of the clocks going forward one hour, but excited about the lighter evenings.




The end

I have rediscovered my love of printing, the smell, the hard to shift ink on my hands, the uncertainty of the print, everything. I even like cleaning the printing rollers with white spirit! (even if it does melt any nail varnish I have on)
Currently wrapping up the last project of the year before essay writing, I want to spend everyday in the print room, I don't even mind the annoying tech guy that hovers over what you are doing (he is a real health and safety type of guy) Basically, I don't want this project to end.
My project is on the sea, so the lino is of the ocean (probably obvious) can you spot the boat?




Quick sketch drawing from an image I found online. It was supposed to just be an outline, but I found myself really enjoying filling the boats with abrupt lines and scratchy colour. 


Use a thread to tie the pieces together

34 days

/ All of the books on my shelf, waiting to be read /

/ The suitcase from her house /

/ J. E  /

It has been 34 days.


It's been a while

The last two weeks have been about lino cutting. It was a process I was initially scared of, what if it went wrong? I had spent £2.50 on this piece of lino, what if I made it look rubbish?! After speaking to a tutor at uni who made me cut into it a bit more fiercely, I've decided I really, actually quite like it. So for the last 14 days  I have been happily hacking into lino. It smells a bit funny, and makes my hand ache but the finished result is worth it.