The end

I have rediscovered my love of printing, the smell, the hard to shift ink on my hands, the uncertainty of the print, everything. I even like cleaning the printing rollers with white spirit! (even if it does melt any nail varnish I have on)
Currently wrapping up the last project of the year before essay writing, I want to spend everyday in the print room, I don't even mind the annoying tech guy that hovers over what you are doing (he is a real health and safety type of guy) Basically, I don't want this project to end.
My project is on the sea, so the lino is of the ocean (probably obvious) can you spot the boat?


  1. Yes, I see the boat! I've never printed anything that large so I can't even imagine the skills it takes. Great job! I like the lightness of the ink. It adds such an eerie quality to the work.

  2. :) I remember when I found my love for printmaking... the best thing is - once you fell for it you can`t stop loving it.
    I`m glad I found your blog.

  3. I just took a printmaking course last term. I have all kinds of scraps on my hand from the linoleum tool. Shew, I'm stick to art that doesn't hurt so much :)


  4. i've done printing and it can be a little difficult to make, but you did a good, no great job here lovely!!!!
    much admiration from http://wonderingwolves.blogspot.com