'What's in my bag'

So, firstly this is my bag.

Voila! I adore it, even though it is ridiculously heavy to carry around. (I also apologise for the picture above being the only black and white image, it was really sunny and I couldn't see the camera screen!) 

Before you worry, I kindly removed all of the debris that was littering the bottom of my bag- sweet wrappers, receipts, crumbs and general rubbish that we all seem to lug around with us. So, without further ado, here is whats in my bag.

1. Purse
2. Poster from my bfs friends gig - bloodsportband.tumblr.com
3. A ring (laid on top of poster)
4. iPhone 
5. Cath Kidston children's purse full of hair grips
6. Pixi tester from the kind lady in Boots
7. Old photographs I found of my mums that I wanted to show Nate, my boyfriend
8. Jessica nail varnish
9. 17 lipstick in 'Balmy Beige'/ Maxfactor lipfinity lasting liptint in '04'/ Pen/ Gosh eyebrow pencil
10. Make up bag from No 7
11. Primark belt
12 and 13 Hold my 'monthly' bits and bobs..
14. iPod touch
15. Kindle

Now, I don't know if you wanted to see what was in my make up bag or not, but I'm going to show you anyway..

Said make up bag.

I realise this is a silly amount of lip products.

So, I have 2 necklaces I had forgotten about, 3 lip balms, 3 lipsticks, 1 memory stick, 1 mini deodorant, 1 mini comb - got to love the smaller sized products!

1. ByTerry Baume de Rose
2. Eos lipbalm
3. Mac lip conditioner in Petting Pink

1. Paul and Joe in '064' (I will admit, I partly asked my bf for this because of the packaging)
2. Mac in 'Pretty Please'
3. Maybelline in 'Ambre Rose'

There we have it, that is what's in my bag. I love reading this type of blog post as I am incredibly nosey, hopefully you have enjoyed it too! 


  1. Love your bag, i cant believe how much stuff you fit into it! xx

  2. Thank you :) The amount I carry around does induce back and shoulder pain!! xx

  3. I soooooooooooo love posts like that! :)

    Great Cath Kidston stuff - aren't her prints adorable? :)


  4. i love what's in your bag posts, love your bag :)


  5. i love what's in your bag's :)
    lovely blog!

  6. love your bag xxx


  7. Hi there!
    I have always wanted to do a post like this, but I never find the time!
    I love how you presented the products, so beautiful!
    XOXO from a new follower here,

  8. Awh your bag and matching purse YUM. Love pretty please.

    Helen, X

  9. Totally love your bag! I treated myself to a Mulberry Tillie a few months ago but really want an Alexa too! I love posts like this, thanks for sharing! x

  10. I really want the Mulberry Tillie and Alexa, jealous :) Great items, love this blog. Thanks for following because I now have found a gem, following back :)

  11. always wanted a kindle, love the setting off this post!
    beautiful blog, have a lovely day
    love lots http://wonderingwolves.blogspot.com

  12. Hi thanks for following me ^_^

    Just had a look at some of your posts and came across this one, which inspired me to do a 'What's in my bag' post. I'm a very nosey person too and I love seeing what's in peoples bags!

    Lisamello xx