December 9th 2008, I boarded Ryanair and went to Germany on an art study trip with my college. I realise most people would rather die than look around an art gallery for the day, infact most of us were so tired and unexpectedly freezing that we didnt want to lug around heavy sketchbooks, we would of prefered to go to the local Burger King.

Regardless, I hold many hilarious memories of this trip. We all had a curfew of eleven o'clock each evening, this was hastliy taken away when my now boyfriend and his mates got drunk and didnt come back until past midnight. I remember everyone hating the group of scruffy haired idiots and one person even suggested we didnt talk to them for the rest of the week. I believe "Oh Nate and that lot.." was the phrase of the day (Nate is my boyfriend) people could only remember Nate's name as he was the loudest of his friends. I dont remember hating him, I only remember wishing I had the courage to ask if we (My friend and myself) could of tagged along with them that night.

In the end Lizzie and I went out with "Nate and that lot" and we had much fun drinking German beer and poking fun out of the younger, more rubbish people on the trip. I got lost finding cigerettes with Nate, and when we eventually found the place with cigerettes, our requests were lost in translation ridiculously, and it was hard to keep a straight face. A magical moment happened on the tram when a baby in a pushchair decided to cling onto my coat, he refused to let go which was terrifying, but cute.

Station names began to sound familiar, and even though I couldnt tell one place apart from another, my friends began to recognise streets and names. It snowed the last couple of days and I wished for the week never to end. Of course it did, but the on the plane home I got to hold the hand of a scared teenage boy that hated the flight home.

Overall, the week in Berlin amazing. The fact that I had to share a room with two seventeen year olds that left meat on the television, was overlooked by the new sights and new people. I cannot wait to go back again in the future.

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