Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Images produced after reading about 'Rapunzel Syndrome' a condition when a person twists their own hair, pulls it out, and shallows it. A 'Trichobezoar' is formed in the stomach and will have an extending tail into the intestine. The images are for a project focused around fairytale and folklore.


  1. interesting; love the juxta of line and hairplait collage on the 2nd image. your boyfriend stopped by chez moi and left a comment which led me to his groovy blog where i left a comment and he sent an email mentioning your groovy blog! are you following, questions later!! anyway you are both rather young bleah and talented double bleah bleah. please pop by mine if bored. also have a second blog for my 'old girl art', catch you later; linda

  2. These are awesome!