Should of made the shelf - M. S. Corley

I have been a fan of the Harry Potter series since I was a little girl, I have the most battered copies of the books on my bookshelf at home. A trip to America when I was 10 started my obsession if you like! Having bought The Philosophers Stone in the U.S it had a different cover and name: The Sorcerers Stone.
The illustration to the British cover is similar, fairly bold line, chalky colours.. It is fair to say I have a very inconsistent series, book 1 has an American cover, and book 4 is from a early version of the adult series (U.K)

I dislike this, I want a shiny series that has the same covers and illustrator! I was also very interested to see the illustrations from other countries, of course some are just reprints of the U.S covers or the U.K covers, and I could only find a small picture of the French and German versions, how disappointing! While I was searching for different artworks I found M. S. Corley's version of the book covers.

I think they are amazing, I would happily repurchase the entire series with his artwork upon the covers. His illustrations really capture the books, I have to admit, I am slightly jealous! However he was contacted by Warner Bros and asked not to produce prints of the artwork, the link to the blog post he put up is here:

What a shame, even more so because Bloomsbury have republished the artwork using Clare Melinsky. Her illustrations are completely different to Corley's, and are on a white background which I have to say.. I dislike. 

I have decided that I am going to try and collect all the different art covers of the series, it is perhaps bit of a waste of time but I like the idea of owning lots of different versions of Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived.

I have yet to see the film aswell, the week after next maybe?

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